We offer regular workshops based on the following courses:

  • Introduction to Recording: Overview and history, types of cables and microphones, understanding an analog mixing desk, digital interfaces, how to mic a source, Q&A

This course is intended as a friendly, interactive introduction to recording and the recording studio environment. By end

  • Engineering a Recording: Engineer and record an original song, cover version or a jam made up on the day. Engineer, perform or both

This course takes attendees through a full recording session (one track), either pre-formed groups or bands created on the day. Get some studio engineering credits!

  • Mixing and Mastering: Basic mixing and mastering concepts, techniques and considerations; studio gear discussions; real-world mix projects analysed

This course is intended to provide a solid foundation in which to craft successful multitrack records,  helping you avoid common mistakes and misconceptions, and equipping you with the knowledge required to make sound judgements



We offer one-to-one tuition in most areas of music production, from basic recording to DAW expertise to full band development to Audio Music Technology study up to undergraduate level. We can also source instrument teachers for your private music lessons in-studio.